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  Longtan Pond Photo Longtan Pond
Longtan Pond is one of Longtan’s most famous landmarks. In 1971, the pond was made into a leisure area with a function for irrigation by Longtan Township Office in an effort to promote local tourism. In the center of Longtan Pond lies a man-made island, on which Nantien Temple (南天宮) is built. The temple, as it is separated from the mundane world by waters, seems like the Nantien Gate (南天門, the south gate to heaven) sacred land in Heaven, which is how it got its name Nantien Temple. The temple is dedicated to Guan Sheng Di Jyun ( Saintly Emperor Guan Gong), Guan Yin, Yu Huang Da Di (Jade Emperor), San Guan Da Di (Three Officials of the Heaven), and so on. Add:No. 100, , Shanglin Village Longtan Township, Taoyuan CityTaiwan, Republic of China
  Longtan Oblation Furnace Photo Longtan Oblation Furnace (聖蹟亭)
Longtan Oblation Furnace is on Shengting Road (聖亭路), which connects Longtan and Pushin. Longtan Oblation Furnace is the largest-scale zihjhihting (字紙亭, an alternative name for oblation furnace) preserved in Taiwan and is one of a kind. Granted by Ministry of the Interior as the nation’s third-grade historical monument, it is one of Longtan’s most precious cultural treasures. Built in the first year of Guangsyu Emperor reign, Longtan Oblation Furnace comprises mountain-shaped doorposts, cloud-painted walls, stone pens (stone tapering monuments in the shape of a Chinese brush), an offering table, an altar, and a furnace.
Add:No. 20, Jhuwozih Road, Lingyun Village Longtan Township, Taoyuan CityTaiwan, Republic of China
  Yongfu Temple Photo Yongfu Temple(永福宮, the Temple of Everlasting Fortune)  At temples in Longtan area, the choice and combination of the host deity and accompanying deities to dedicate is oftentimes made with considerations for local people’s religious needs and the temples’ public relations. Hece, San Guan Da Di ( Three Officials of the Heaven), deities that are worshipped island-wide, replace local San Shan Guo Wang (Kings of the Three Mountains). Presently, there are seven temples in Longtan dedicated to San Guan Da Di, which clearly reflects the characteristics of local religious beliefs.
Add: Sankeng Village Longtan Township, Taoyuan CityTaiwan, Republic of China
  Kunlun Herb Plant Tourism Garden Photo Kunlun Herb Plant Tourism Garden (崑崙藥用植物園)
The herb garden, located in Gaoping Village, Longtan Township, is the island’s only one Chinese herb garden. In addition to amusement rides, the garden boasts various kinds of valuable herbs that can be used for health and medical purposes. Specialty foods and herb baths are also available to make your visit even more enjoyable. Pay a visit and you will find it rewarding.
Add:No. 8-2, , Gaoping Village Longtan Township, Taoyuan CityTaiwan, Republic of China Tel:(03)471-7326.(03)471-9383
  Window of China Theme Park Photo Window of China Theme Park (小人國)
Located in Gaoyuan Village, Longtan Township, Window of China is the world’s largest miniature theme park, adjacent to which is Leofoo Village Theme Park (六福村野生動物園). Window of China portrays aspects of the Chinese culture with models featuring the following three categories: (1) Taiwan’s Ten Major Construction Projects; (2) famous buildings and historic monuments in Taiwan; and (3) traditional Chinese-style architectures and gardens on Mainland China.
Tel:(03)471-7211 web:http://www.woc.com.tw/
Add:No.60-2, Gaoyuan Village, Longtan Shiang, Taoyuan County 325, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  Longtan Cycle Lane Photo Longtan Cycle Lane
Cyclists can start a tour from Shih-men Junior High School, ride along Meiguo Road, pass by Ershihjianfang, Shihmen Ditch Cherry Blossom Path, Cingshueikeng River, No. 2 Water Bridge..., Shihyifenbi, and finally come back to Shih-men Junior High School. The cycling tour is about 7.8km in length. 
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